Unlike other data service providers that focus on Inventory data, is the ONLY online service in the aviation industry that focuses exclusively on the MRO market. Nobody addresses the repair industry like we do. Here are just a few of the services within the Tracking Solutions:

The MRO-Tracker online status information and communication system is a repair order management innovation that is emerging as an industry standard for external repair process monitoring. Today, over 3.000 Airlines, MROs and Repair Centers are using the MRO-Tracker to maintain visibility of assets undergoing external repair, shorten repair turn-times and increase asset productivity. With a single website log-in, the MRO customers and suppliers can monitor 100% of the external repair order process and are able to follow the progress of each individual repair order of any of their connected trading partners. MRO-Tracker is a unique "industry standard" system that'll help you and your customers to streamline your repair operations resulting in significant time and cost savings, optimized communication and customer / supplier satisfaction!

Our ILM-Tracker is a Component Exchange Management system related to integrated Inventory Logistics Management programs (ILM's). Linked with the other powerful E-Business solutions, the ILM-Tracker is a unique "industry standard" system designed to help commercial MRO customers and suppliers to improve the control and management of existing pooled component contracts. The interfacing between your Customer Services business systems and can be done manually or seamlessly via electronic data interfacing in a wide variety of formats.

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