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United States
United Kingdom
Main Office
Gotenstrasse 12
D-20097 Hamburg

Tel: +49-40-9999-999-0
Satellite Office
7009 Cataluna Circle
Delray Beach, Florida 33446

Tel: +1-561-307-3110
Satellite Office
PO Box 1256
UK-LU19FJ Luton

Tel: +44-1234-381-679
Satellite Office
Calle Jose Zapater 8
ES-03400 Villena, Alicante

Tel: +34-603-414-982

+- Sales

+- Q: What products and services does OneAero MRO offer?
Capabilities (Repair Capability database)
  • Sourcing
  • Listing (Marketing & Sales)
  • RFQ/ Quotation management

Inventory (Surplus, Spares, Packages, AC, Engines database)
  • Sourcing
  • Listing (Marketing & Sales)
  • RFQ/ Quotation management

ORDER MANAGEMENT (Spares and Repair EDI)
  • MRO-Tracker - Repair Order Tracking , Monitoring, Management
  • PRO-Tracker - Spares Order Tracking , Monitoring, Management
  • ILM-Tracker – manage pooled component contracts
  • Reporting and automated distribution of customized Status Report
  • Data evaluations (TAT, scrap, …)
  • Supplier performance measurement
  • Controlling & analysis of KPIs’

  • Find PMA parts used in the repair of Next Higher Assembly (NHA) numbers

  • Supplier audits made simple – send, track and archive all supplier audits
  • Automate and streamline supplier audits

  • AWB Tracking
  • Freight Forwarder Integration

  • E-Invoicing
  • Automate and streamline the "manual & costly" paper based invoicing process

  • MyAeroNet Professional Business Network
  • The first, and only, professional MRO network and marketing platform

  • Connectivity with your business partners (EDI or Non-EDI)
  • Supports Spec 2K or any other format and transfer protocol
  • Development and implementation of customized database & data management solutions

+- Q: How much does a OneAero MRO membership or product subscription cost?
A: Prices for the different OneAero MRO products and services are calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the product or service selected, the implementation complexity, company size, number of facilities, etc. Please contact us for details.

+- Customer Support

+- Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?
A: In order to reset your password simply go to the following page and type in your email-address. Then click on the button "RESET MY PASSWORD" and a new password will be sent to your email-address.

+- Q: How can I add users to my facility?
A: You can create a new account in our system on your own.
Simply go to the website and follow the steps. The registration needs to be validated by our support team. It might take 1 business day until the new user is validated.

If you have a long list of new users you can also send us the contact details ( and we will create the new contacts in our system for you.

+- Q: How can I remove users from my facility?
A: If you want to have a user removed, please contact us at We will take care of it then.

+- Q: How can I edit the facility profile?
A: In order to update the profile of your facility just go to the Administration menu marked in red. Please note that you have to be a facility administrator to update the facility profile. If you require the permission, please contact the customer service at

MyAeroNet Administration Menu

Now please just click on "Profile" to get to the facility profile:

Facility Administration Menu
Click on the Edit button and enter the new information. Please don’t forget to click on the Save button, otherwise your changes won’t be saved.

Edit Facility Profile

+- Q: How can I connect with other people?
A: Please Login to your OneAero-MRO Account.
On the top right corner, please search for the person you want to get connected to.
The MRO Search page will now be displayed.
Please click on the count right next to People, this button is listed at the "Directory" Section on this page.
A list of all persons which match the criteria you searched for will be displayed.
Here you have to search the person you were looking for.
Go through the list until you’ve found the person you were looking for.
Within the little profile field you will find a little button named "Connect" please click on it to get connected to this person.
If this button is replaced by the "Groups" button, you are already connected to this person.

Connect With People

+- Q: How can I follow a company?
A: Please Login to your OneAero-MRO Account.
On the top right corner, please search for the facility you want to follow.
The MRO Search page will now be displayed.
Please click on the count right next to Facilities, this button is listed at the "Directory" Section on this page.
A list of all facilities which match the criteria you searched for will be displayed.
Here you have to search the facility you were looking for.
On the right side of the entry you will find a blue button with a little cross inside, please click on it to follow this facility.
If this button contains a minus instead of a plus, you are already following this facility.

Follow A Company

+- Q: How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
A: You can unsubscribe from our Newsletter by clicking on "here" at the bottom of the newsletter where it states "To unsubscribe click here"

+- Technical

+- Q: What are the system requirements of OneAero MRO?
A: OneAero MRO requires the following:
  • Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8.0+, Netscape 7+, FireFox 3.6+ or other browsers that supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript or ECMA Script (Opera and Safari also work)
  • A 1280x1024 pixel or greater screen is recommended
  • An Internet connection

+- Q: What files / formats can be uploaded?
    We are able to manage any message format, including e.g.
  • SPEC 2000/SITA
  • EDI Fact
  • XML
  • … just to name a few.

    We are supporting any protocol, including
  • SMTP
  • … just to name a few.

  • manual online data entry / web user interface
  • customized file transfer
  • real EDI integration ( machine/ERP to machine/ERP)
  • We are compliant with ATA Spec 2000 or any other EDI data exchange standard or specification. With a one-time-implementation effort we can "connect" any backend ERP system with another, regardless of the IT infrastructure, knowledge or interfaces already installed and we are supporting data exchange projects between EDI or Non-EDI trading partners.

+- Financial

+- Q: How can I pay invoices?
A: You can pay your invoices in various ways. The possible options are depending on who issued your invoice. Invoices can be issued either by our German or by our US facility. To find out who issued your invoice, please check your invoice or check the signature of the email with which you have received your invoice.

Invoices from Germany:
Payment can be made by wire or by check:

Bank details for wire payments:
Bank Wire Information

Make checks payable to GmbH and send to the following address: GmbH
Gotenstrasse 12
20097 Hamburg

Invoices from the USA:

Online Payment using the link that is supplied in the invoice email under "Pay now"

Payment can be made from:

Personal checking
Business checking
Personal savings
Business savings

Bank details for wire payments:
Bank Wire Information


Make checks payable to OneAero MRO Americas and send to the following address:
OneAero MRO Americas
45 East 100 North
Alpine, UT 84004

Credit Card:
Credit Card

+- Q: What is the SWIFT Code for the German branch?

+- Q: How can I pay by Credit Card?
A: Please use one of the following Credit Card Authorization Forms:


American Express
Visa and Mastercard
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express Cards. Please note that for VISA and MasterCard you can chose between Euro and US$ payments. For American Express only payments in Euro are possible.
Please email the form, once you have completed it, to


Credit Card
We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express Cards. Please email the form, once you have completed it, to

+- Inventory

+- Q: How can I update my inventory listing?
A: You get to the “sell” section of the Inventory by having your mouse cursor over the Inventory menu item in the main menu. Then just click on “Parts” as you can see below marked in red.

AeroMarket Sell

Choose your excel file containing your inventory, set the responsible person who should receive RFQs and click on “send”. (The buttons marked in red will be displayed in the language that has been set on your computer)

AeroMarket Inventory File Upload

Now select the column types you would like to have uploaded to the AeroMarket and click on “Submit” marked in red.

AeroMarket Inventory File Upload

+- Q: Is it possible to automate the upload process for the Inventory?
A: Yes, there are several options to automate the upload of your inventory to the OneAero MRO AeroMarket. If you are interested, please just send a request through the message box above.

+- Q: What can I sell or buy in the Inventory?
A: The AeroMarket has 6 different categories:
  • Parts (Inventory listing)
  • Aircraft
  • Engines
  • APUs
  • Packages
  • Surplus

+- Q: What are the costs for using the Inventory?
A: Using Inventory is absolutely free-of-charge and obligation-free until the 31st December 2016.

+- Q: How do I quote?
A: RFQs will be sent through the website. A copy will be provided to the email address of the RFQ recipient. Every RFQ email contains a link that directs to the quotation section and a quote can be created.

+- Q: Can I track how many users have viewed my ads in the Inventory?
A: Yes, that is possible. Just go to the administration section under Or just go to the Inventory, click on the "Administration" tab and choose "MY STATS".

+- Capabilities

+- Q: How can I update my capability list?
  • Please Login with your OneAero-MRO Account
  • Place the Cursor over "Capabilities"
  • Click on "Upload Capabilities"
  • Here you can add or delete parts
Upload Capability

+- Q: How accurate is the industry average price information in the search results?
A: The short answer is the pricing is reasonably accurate. The Test price is usually really accurate because most repair centers have a flat rate cost to do a functional test. Repair and overhaul prices however, tend to less predictable due to the fact it’s impossible to put a flat rate cost to repair or overhaul a part. The labor rate is easy to calculate, but the cost of replacement parts isn’t usually known until after the part is in the process of repair. Hence we provide a Low, Average, Mid and High cost to repair and overhaul parts. This gives the customer of repair a price range to help him or her guestimate what the cost will be.

+- Q: How likely am I to get industry average pricing on the parts I search
A: On average 80% of all searches on the Repair database return industry average pricing results.

+- Q: How many repair capabilities are listed on OneAero MRO?
A: Close to 3.6 Million

+- Q: How do I set up an account?
A: Simply provide us with your company name, physical address, telephone, Fax, RFQ email address and a list of users with their first name, last name and email address. If your company is a repair center please send us your repair capability list in an Excel format and a copy of your Air Agency Certificate(s).

+- Q: What data needs to be included in the capability list?
A: Part Number and Description are required. If you have additional data, like OEM, ATA Chapter, and Aircraft Applicability please include it as well.

+- Q: If I send out an RFQ how likely am I to get a response?
A: 70% of all RFQs that are sent out receive a response.

+- Q: What’s the cost to subscribe to the Repair product?
A: It really depends on the size of your organization. Smaller companies with less users, less repair capabilities and less searches pay less than larger organizations. Prices range from as little as $99 a year to as much as $299 a year.

+- Q: Do you charge a fee per user?
A: No. Site licenses allow for unlimited users at the users’ site.

+- Q: Is there a cap on the number of searches you can perform?
A: No. Searching is unlimited.