In order to forecast the MRO aftermarket, a good overview over today┬┤s fleets is of highest importance. We at have therefore decided to gather all information on who is currently flying which aircraft. As of today, we have collected data from over 50,000 aircraft from the commercial, business and general aviation. Find Operators, First Flight dates, Tail Signs, Pictures, Engines and the history of each aircraft. For more information, please contact

Operators Our database is currently listing 34,434 operators from the commercial and general aviation. These operators run more than 50,000 aircraft, everything from a single engine cessna to the latest A380. Every day we are updating and adding the latest changes. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the product.

More than 50,000 aircraft are listed in our GmbH Fleets section. You can search by selcting the OEM and then the aircraft type and the aircraft model. You will find information regarding the first flight, tail sign, attached engines ,pictures and the historie of the aircraft.

Similar to our aircraft directory, you can search our database for engines. In the fleets section you can select the OEM and then the engine type and later the engine model. The result will show you all the aircraft currently flying the engine you have selected.