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OEMs that understand the importance of effectively marketing their repair capabilities, and who want to offer online tools for superior customer support, choose From a marketing stand point, many OEMs realize that just because they manufacture the product doesn’t necessarily mean the customer will send the part to them for repair. In fact, as new employees continually enter the aviation workplace, many rely heavily on the information provided to them through online data services like ours. Smart OEMs know that the best way to secure more repair orders, without increasing head count or marketing costs, is to ensure that they advertise their repair capabilities through online portals like

By the same token, OEMs who want to offer best-in-class customer support solutions, use’s Tracking product: MRO-Tracker®. More and more OEMs are doing away with Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and other home grown tracking system, in exchange for the MRO-Tracker, because it helps them automates the entire repair status reporting process. No more wasting time, and money, making calls and sending emails to advise customers of the repair status of their parts.

If you’re an OEM, and you’re NOT using to market your repair capabilities, or track your repair orders, contact us today. - We Know Repair!

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