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The OneAero-MRO directory is a growing network of aviation professionals, the companies they work for and the specialties these companies are offering. The directory has grown to over 35,000 users from more than 30,000 companies. Find existing and future business partners and connect with them to build your personal aviation network. For more information, please contact Or connect with me directly on MyAero, the largest dedicated professional aviation network.

Over 35,000 aviation professionals are currently using the OneAeroMRO network to connect with other professionals or to work with our product suite. Sign up to build your network and to access our large directory and our repair & inventory product to send RFQs completely free of charge.

Over 30,000 companies are member of the OneAeroMRO network. Our members can promote their companies by presenting their profile with all the neccessary information like supported aircraft & engines, specialties, certificates, capability or inventory listing.

Need to find facilities by specialties? OneAeroMRO makes it easy. Just go to our DIRECTORY, click on SPECIALTIES and select the specialty you are looking for. Over 500 specialties are connected more than 18,000 times. You can add your facilities┬┤ speciaties in your facility administration section.